Simple Bible Commentary

The Simple Bible Commentary series focuses on the richness of Jesus, clear sound theology, and accurate history.

The Bible was not written for academics but for God’s people, given as a gift, helping them to love, worship and enjoy him. Simple things have depth and roots; they are true, often in the most obvious way. To simply enjoy the word simply is not to err in theology, history, or any other academic discipline, but to value most what God values The Book of Philippians is a classic example of that idea. The short book is rich in history, theology and spiritual growth, opening wide large doors into the richness of Jesus.

Pastor Rick Soto’s exposition of the Letter to the Philippians is entitled “Simple Commentary” but don’t let the phrase cause you to undervalue it! It is powerful, enlightening, challenging, and manages to be an enjoyable read at the same time. Dip in anywhere and sample; you’ll enjoy it. As a historian by both training and vocation, I appreciate and value the attention to detail. As a 21st century believer, I applaud the many connections that Simple Commentary: Philippians makes to life in the world and the Church today.

~ Brock Thoene

Co-author of The AD Chronicles and The Little Books of WhyThe most complicated thing to do is make things simple.

Rick Soto is a scholar and pastor who understands not only the depth of the scriptures, but has the boots-on-the-ground pastoral experience with people that makes the Bible come alive for our everyday lives. Study the Bible with one hand in this commentary to help you not only understand, but live out God’s Word.

~ John Burke

Pastor and New York Times Bestselling author of Imagine Heaven and No Perfect People Allowed

Rick Soto has written a must read commentary on the book of Philippians. More than a dry intellectual analysis for the sequestered academic, this book is written for the real, everyday follower of Jesus. Pastor Rick writes from a passion to love Jesus and from a heart and mind that has studied, internalized and applied God’s Word. Filled with stories, applications and researched documentation, this commentary will help transform your life. Philippians 1:21 says, ”to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Pastor Rick comments, ‘People who figure out what they are willing to live and die for are people who know how to be happy.’ If you want to be happy, read this book and apply what it says.

~ Rev. JP Jones

Senior Pastor, Crossline Church
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Biola University
Radio Bible Teacher, Truth that Changes Lives
Director of Pastoral Training, The Chanje Movement, Haiti
Author, Facing Goliath, Transformed, Livin’ Large

Rick Soto has penned not just a great commentary on Paul’s letter to Philippi, but an encouraging book and devotional that helps one experience the richness of Jesus.

When I read a Bible commentary, and I own and read many Bible commentaries, I want the context, meaning, theology, and application. Rick Soto does all of this and I found myself being drawn closer to Jesus as a result of his commentary on Philippians. This line in his Introduction aptly describes the book, ‘This short book is rich in history, theology, and spiritual growth, opening wide large doors into the richness of Jesus.’
This is indeed a ‘simple’ commentary. It is clear, easy to read, helpful, and most of all points me to the richness of Jesus.

~ Dr. Shane Sebastian

Missionary, Speaker, Author, This Change Is Everything

I absolutely Love this new commentary on the book of Philippians by Pastor Rick Soto! It is filled with gems, golden nuggets, insights, and what I call life application points that make this very special book of the Apostle Paul come alive. The themes of unity and joy of the Lord come through like a breath of fresh air. I very highly recommend it!

~ Ray Bentley

Pastor Marantha Chapel
Author, The Holy Land Key

Rick Soto’s work is a simple commentary on one of the richest books of the Bible. Rick’s style in this easily accessed volume is to hop through Paul’s letter to the Church at Philippi by doing short, poignant word-studies. He strikes a good balance between definitions and examples; this commentary will make a nice addition to any person’s study of this marvelous book.

~ Lance Ralston

Lead Pastor, Calvary Chapel Oxnard
Communio Santorum: History of the Christian Church Podcast

My name is Rick Soto and I love the scriptures, and treasure every opportunity to teach someone about God. More than anything, I pray in this lifetime I am a wonderful witness for Christ, and a friend on the journey. I was not always this way. It was during my senior year at San Diego State University when I had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ. Instantly, a powerful love from heaven overwhelmed my life—I can honestly tell you I was not expecting that to happen, and since then, I have never been the same.