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The Birth Of The Church


Paul’s Letter To The Church.

Simple Bible Commentary by Rick Soto

The Simple Bible Commentary series focuses on the richness of Jesus, clear sound theology, and accurate history.

The Bible was not written for academics but for God’s people, given as a gift, helping them to love, worship, and enjoy him. Simple things have depth and roots; they are true, often in the most obvious way. To simply enjoy the word simply is not to err in theology, history, or any other academic discipline, but to value most what God values. The Book of Philippians commentary is a short book is rich in history, theology, and spiritual growth, opening wide large doors into the richness of Jesus.

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“Pastor Rick Soto’s exposition of the Letter to the Philippians is entitled “Simple Commentary” but don’t let the phrase cause you to undervalue it! It is powerful, enlightening, challenging, and manages to be an enjoyable read at the same time. Dip in anywhere and sample; you’ll enjoy it. As a historian by both training and vocation, I appreciate and value the attention to detail. As a 21st century believer, I applaud the many connections that Simple Commentary: Philippians makes to life in the world and the Church today.”

Brock ThoeneCo-author of The AD Chronicles and The Little Books of WhyThe most complicated thing to do is make things simple.

“Rick Soto is a scholar and pastor who understands not only the depth of the scriptures, but has the boots-on-the-ground pastoral experience with people that makes the Bible come alive for our everyday lives. Study the Bible with one hand in this commentary to help you not only understand, but live out God’s Word.”

John BurkePastor and New York Times Bestselling author of Imagine Heaven and No Perfect People Allowed

Rick Soto

Pastor of The Ranch Church,
Santa Ynez Valley CA

I love the scriptures and am stoked when I can teach someone about God.

During my Senior year at San Diego State Jesus came for me and rearranged everything I was planning on doing with my life, for which I am grateful. Since then I can’t stop telling people about God’s miraculous love.

On a personal note, I enjoy health and fitness, my ethnic Caribbean foods, ice cream, cast iron cooking, and guacamole. My kids now have me hooked on putting avocado in my smoothies, it’s surprisingly good.

I want to help you love and enjoy the Bible.

There is nothing like reading and enjoying the Bible, but sometimes you need help, and that is where this blog comes in.

  • At the moment I have one book in print and soon will release a few more tools to help you explore the Bible.
  • Everything is free, but if you care to support us by buying our book, that would be great.

Weekly I publish a chapter in a Bible Handbook project called Every Chapter In The Book. Each chapter article is 400 hundred words and is not too technical. I started in Genesis, and if God gives grace and favor, the project will cover the entire Bible.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is the Word of God, inerrant, inspired, and of divine origin.

The Bible is historical and communicates human history accurately.

The Bible has the final say on truth.

What About God?

God is loving, and can do nothing to contradict his love.

God is Trinity—One God living as three persons, yet each is fully divine.

God is wonderful, joyful, pure, holy, and cannot be corrupted.

God always has been.

What About People?

People are loved by God, even though they consistently live in opposition to him.

People have what I like to call limited moral goodness. Sinners can do good things, but the ability to do some good things in no way shape or form makes a person right before God—only Jesus can do that for them.

Sin badly damaged all people to the point where they cannot help make a mess of their lives.

People are made in the image of God.

What About Jesus?

He is God.
He is the second person of the Trinity.
He is the second Adam.
He was born of the Virgin Mary.
He lived a sinless life.
He lived a miraculous life.
He died on the cross.
He rose from the dead on the third day.

He paid the complete penalty for sin.
He ascended into heaven.
He is coming back.

How is Someone Saved?

Believe in God and his love.
Repent of sin.
Place Jesus as Lord and Master of their life.
Live from a born again heart.

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