As a parent, waiting for a son to come back home is sa terrible feeling, there is just no other way to say such a thing.

Miiltary parents know the feeling all too well.

The Prophets of old felt the same burn deep down inside. They were full of anticipation at the coming of Christ, yet it was not clear to them the time or place.


Prophets Who Prophesied

Prophets spoke truth, called people to repentance (even Kings), and used a variety of images to speak about when Jesus was coming.

Here is a list of verses showing how the prophets of old were speaking about Christ.


  1. Isaiah 7:14….Born of a virgin
  2. Isaiah 9:1…….Ministry turns gloom to light
  3. Isaiah 35:5-6….Worker of miracles
  4. Isaiah 53:5……. Wounded and bruised for us
  5. Isaiah 53:9……. Buried in a rich man’s tomb
  6. Isaiah 53:12…… Crucified with a thieves (trangressors)
  7. Psalm 16:10…… Rise from the dead
  8. Psalm 22:16…… Hands and feet pierced
  9. Psalm 22:18…… Garments torn and lots cast
  10. Psalm 34:20….. Legs not broken
  11. Psalm 40:1-9…. Betrayed by friend
  12. Zechariah 9:9… Enter Jerusalem on a donkey
  13. Zechariah 11:12.. Sold for 30 pieces of sliver
  14. Zechariah 12:10.. Pierced
  15. Micah 5:2………… Born in Bethlehem
  16. Genesis 49:10…… Born of the Tribe of Judah

Keep in mind the list is partial.

What I find so fascinating is the comment Peter makes, those prophets were not just speaking about the coming of Jesus, they were also preaching about the nature of salvation, the phrase Peter uses is sweet to the soul, “the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be yours…”

Christ, those prophets knew all to well, would usher in a new and better covenant, were grace was enacted in a sweeter and fuller way.