Holiness is greatly misunderstood.

Morality is not holiness, nor is purity.

Holiness is God’s divine character birthed and alive inside humans.

One way to think about God’s holiness is to understand him as “other.” He is holy and humans are not, so God’s holiness is other. But God has made his “other” capable of fitting inside us. Read that again slowly and now consider it all a miracle—because it is.

Peter begins to speak about God’s holiness in practical ways, which is why I enjoy saying, Peter’s spiritual secret is as follows:

Hoiness is a blessing a total relief.

Holiness is a relief from the dark side of our humanity.


Holiness Brings About A Mental Revolution

The mind is foundational to experiencing holiness. Stolen from much of christian language are words of affirmmation. Certain false teachers have taken a positivity and bent it making it unrecognizable to the gospel, but the truth is the truth, the mind but be engaged and firmness and certainty must be on our lips.

Here is an example, so often in conversation people sounding affirmming but in reality they are wishy washy. If asked, can you make it, they say, i think so. If asked, do you want it, they say, maybe.

Now in terms of faith, our minds must use words of greater steel, our mantra must be, I can because He will.

I can face anything, because He will make me overcome.

I will because He can is a mantra leading to holiness, if for no other reason holiness requires accepting God’s backbone of steel, and his shoes for walking.