People outside the faith can have significant friendships, being loyal and close to loved ones is not something unique to believers. What is unique is the spiritual quality those relationships have, and the supernatural grace God incorporates into his children, allowing them to love others with reckless abandon.


Adventure Required

Paul meets Aquila and his wife Priscilla. After lots of conflict in ministry God sends him life long friends—such things are a some of life’s deepest treasures.

Technically, Aquila and Priscilla are refugee’s. Their journey started in Pontus, a community in southern part of the Black Sea. From there they end up in Rome, and because they were Jews, religious persecution comes there way and they are forced out of Rome and are on the run, looking for a safe place to land. In Corinth they meet Paul and Jesus, and form and strong and forever bond.

It all started because each party said, “Yes” to Jesus.


Boundaries Needed

The word is needed so you can live a great life.

And the word gives the believer the ability to say, “No.” Without saying, “No” to bad things, good things never show up.

Paul has no problem with the word “No,” and eventually must use it when ministering to his kin.

Paul finds himself attacked once again by Jews, in a moment of frustration he says, “you blood be on your own heads.”

Jesus as the Christ was preached, which means Paul explained the virgin birth, deity of Jesus, his resurrection from the dead, and his miracle working ministry.

Enjoy Making New Friends

In the middle of a ministry tension, Paul showed great ability to love and befriend people. Aquila and Priscilla, Crispus and Justus are just some of those mentioned.

Nurture Old Relationships

Making new friends does not need to come at the price of old ones. Nothing is sweeter than lifetime friends.

Hear From God

Paul heard from the Lord some encouraging words that allowed him to press on.


They Overcame

The Jews try and put Paul on trial for preaching the gospel, it does not work, not this time. The Proconsul, a man named Gallio wants nothing to do with a lynch mob, and turns the Jews away, rightly saying the debate is about “your own laws.”

Paul goes free, and so does his friends.