Acts 24 records Paul’s defense before Governor Felix, and in that defense Paul demonstrates what 100% Jesus looks like.

Jesus on the cross did not give 2%.

Jesus on the cross did not stop loving you.

Jesus on the cross gave 100%

Jesus disciples are 100% Jesus people.

J = Jesus

S = Self

Pitchfork = Satan

Stick people = love, friendship and community

Circle on the left is an example of a person who lives with themself at the center of their life. Most teaching on leadership coaching says something close to that. Notice the details, Satan is alive and well, life constantly goes up and down with no ryhme or reason to the challenges of life, and Jesus is on the outside.

Circle on the right is a great look at the 100% Jesus life. Jesus is insdie and centeral, the person is at the feet of Jesus, divine joy rules their soul, and life though full of challenges, makes sense and has divine order.

Which circle best represents your life right now?

v. 1

The location of Paul’s imprisonment is the gorgeous retreat center known as “Caesearea.” Herod the Great built the place as a thank you gift for Augustu Caesar, after Augustus spared Herod’s life. The site is an archaeological jewel.

v. 2

An unkown man named Tertullus prepares to speak against Paul, and Ananias, last seen putting Jesus on the cross, a villain if there ever was one in scripture, is by his side.

Governor Felix, a man at odds with the Jews but married to one, takes his proper place at the seaside hamlet, where the pleasant ocean breeze dismantles the brutal desert heat.

v. 2-8

Tertullus attempts to prosecute Paul and his arguments are weak. Paul is accused of being a Jewish law breaker, and a threat to Rome.

v. 9-21

Paul makes a simple defense. First he mentions that none of the accusations can be proven. Second, the argument is narrowed, the only thing that matters is the resurrection, and Paul correctly defends himself by saying, “these men themselves accept that there will be a resurrection of the just and the unjust.”

An Irrefutable Defense of the Resurrection (4 Points)

  1. Jesus died a complete death on a Roman cross on Friday, and was buried in a tomb.
  2. Tomb was empty on Sunday.
  3. Numerous if not countless witnesses saw Jesus alive and personally met with him on numerous occassions. They ate, fellowshipped, and learned from him. They testified to those simple things at the cost their lives.
  4. Many skeptics and enemies of Jesus also said the same thing, and had the same experiences. They saw Jesus, and enjoyed his company. As the others, most testified to Jesus’ resurrection at the cost of their lives. The Apostle Paul is one such example out of many.
…special thanks to Gregory Koukl and his book The Story of Reality.

v. 22-37

Felix is a perfect example of weak political leadership, he knows the truth and the right thing to do but looks the other way, in order to maintain political leverage.

Christians are called “The Way,” a common name in ancient times for Jesus people.

In a true irony, Paul is sent to a prison that in reality is a beachside retreat center, and there in the midst of Meditterrean oceans breezes, Paul preaches the gospel to some of the most powerful ciitizens in culture.

v. 25

Notice the outline of Paul’s sermon, he preached on “righteousness, self control, and coming judgment.” Those themes disturbed Governor Felix to no end.

100% Jesus vs. 2% Jesus (which is no Jesus)

A brief look at the difference between Jesus people and those who are not Jesus people. 

1. Cultural contrarian/non comformist vs. Accomodate an evil culture

2. Christlike vs. Faking it

3. Maturity and Balance vs. Emotion with no action (social media)

4. Care for Earth vs. Gross polluter

5. Orders Society vs. Votes only along party lines

6. Trust God vs.Calendar + checkbook demonstrate self righteousness

7. Love life + look forward to death vs. Live in fear and paranoid of dying

…special thanks to John Stott and his book The Radical Disciple