The power of Jesus Christ is greater than any other force in the universe. The human race is deceived, people elevate their own accomplishments without reverence for God. It’s hard not to laugh at the arrogance of our race.



Saul met Jesus, and spent 3 days blind. He was set free when Ananias came and prayed for him. Saul then “immediately” went and “proclaimed” Jesus to the Jews, in their own house of worship. The Greek word for “proclaim” means to act as “herald,” someone officially appointed to the task. That was the case with Saul, God appointed him as a witness to the gentile nations, but what is striking is the urgency. Saul did not hesitate, and proclaimed Jesus, even though he possessed no integrity.

In case you are thinking those kinds of things are only for clergy, later in the chapter all the disciples participate in “preaching” the gospel

Ezekiel 33 describes a watchman God holds accountable. If the watchman speaks out and warns the people, then he is innocent of their disobedience. If the watchman stays silent, then blood is on his hand and his guilty before God.

Romans 10:14, asks a number of tough questions—“how will they call on the Lord if they don’t believe, believe if never heard, and preach if not sent?” To add color Paul then says, ” how beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news.”

A word about what God hates…

God hates what is said many different ways, ” I just want them to see my life, and ask me if I am a Christian.”

God hates that phrase.

God hates that because it smells of arrogance and is not biblical. Plenty of non believers have fantastic lives. For a born again believer to think that the quality of their lives is what people are to notice, is to make themselves the center of gospel witness. Jesus is glorified in your brokenness, because it is through weakness people can finally stop looking at humanity and see the glory of the gospel in the face of Jesus Christ.

Benefits To Proclaiming Christ

  1. Identity with God is strengthened
  2. Divine ministry and calling accepted
  3. Lies in the heart are defeated
  4. Pride is defeated
  5. Social insecurity is overcome


The Humble Basket

Saul escapes punishment by way of a basket. The plan is to let him down from the city walls so he can escape to Tarsus.

v. 26

Attempted To Join

In Galatians 1 Paul writes about what took place after these things. He went to Arabia and was with the Lord for 3 years, afterward he wanted to fellowship with the church at Jerusalem, but that did not work out so well at first. People were still spooked by him and chose not to fellowship with him. Most thought it easier to believe a dead man brought back to life than a religious terrorist now  in love with Jesus.

Barnabas shows the power of a friend, by sticking up for Saul, and began to convince those first Christians that Saul’s testimony was legit.

As a result, God brought wonderful fruit to their lives and performed miracles.