The names listed are fascinating, but think twice before including some of them in your baby name book, not sure anybody wants to be called Methuselah.

The chapter starts with Adam and ends with Noah. Adam was 930 years old when he died, and knew Noah’s dad (Lamech). Adam was Noah’s  great-grandfather 7 times removed (7 generations). Adam might have known Noah for a few years. When the academics are worked out, the timeline shows the gospel message handed down through the generations was pure and not diluted, in fact over time it was sharpened. Any person who dared, was free to wander over to Eden and witness for themselves the an angel with a  flaming sword guarding the tree of life and the entrance to Eden.

The names listed are some of the oldest in human history, and some see a hidden divine message in the meanings of their names.

Here is an example.

Adam means “man.”

Seth means “appointed.”

Enosh means “mortal.”

Kenan means “sorrow.”

Mahalael means “blessed.”

Jared means “shall come down.”

Enoch means “teaching.”

Methuselah means “his death shall bring.”

Lamech means “the despairing.”

Noah means “rest or comfort.”

When put together the names form a sacred message somewhat like this:

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing comfort and rest.

The bible is a message system with many obvious and hidden meanings. This is one of the more intriguing ones.

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