This is a summary: Chapter 10 is a perfect example of what people do not like to read in the bible. But it in reality, it contains a fascinating look at how the earth was repopulated, which means you are in some way related to theses people.

Where did everybody go after the flood?

As expected, Noah’s family became the repopulation center of planet earth. After some time, the various generations made their way around the earth, making themselves fruitful, and allowing their kin to multiply. The chapter is sometimes called a Table Of Nations, because to this day we can confirm a migration pattern that came from Noah’s family.

The sons of Noah are Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Oddly enough, their name are listed in reverse order—the names are listed—Japheth, Ham with Shem’s listed last, probably because Moses was pointing at a clue.

Shem has a prophetic element to his family line. From Shem eventually came a man named Peleg, and years later, from Peleg’s came a man named Abram, who makes his appearance in the next chapter.

Japheth’s (the youngest) populates the following places around the globe:

Gomer landed north of the Black Sea, and his people became Russians and Ukrainians. Gomer had a son named Ashkenaz, and he landed in Europe, and around Germany. Oddly enough, to this day, European Jews, especially those from Germany, are called Ashkenzai Jews.

Magog landed far north of the Black Sea.

Madai landed in modern day Iraq and Iran, and Madai became known as the Medes.

Javan landed in southern Greece, and parts of western Turkey, and eventually become known as the Spartans. Javan’s sons took the beach and became seafaring people, which is saying something since most ancient tribes were terrorized by the open sea.

Tubal and Meshech landed in Modern Day Turkey, the area historically known as Asia Minor.

Tiras landed in modern day Armenia.

According to Ezekiel 38-39, and Revelation 20:8, most of those brothers come down at the end of days and attempt to destroy Israel.

They don’t succeed.

Ham populated the following places around the globe:

Cush landed in Egypt, whose ancient borders took over most of the North, East and Southern parts of Africa.

Egypt (ESV) landed in N  orth Africa.

Put we know nothing about.

Canaan landed in the Middle East, and is both a people group and a location. Later, Abraham would inherit Canaan.

Shem’s family populated the following places around the Middle East:

Eber landed in the Middle East, and it is possible that his name is the root word for “Hebrew.”

Asshur landed in the upper Middle East, and became the Assyrians.

Arphaxad landed in an unknown place. His bloodline leads directly Abram.

Lud maybe landed in modern day Turkey (Asia Minor).

Aram landed in the upper Middle East, and has an ancient language named after him “Aramaic.” Portions of the Bible were written in Aramaic. One of Uz’ sons had his own region, and his most famous son is Job, possibly the oldest book in the Bible.

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