Abram must work through conflict with Lot, and much is at stake.

Abram leaves Pharoah, and lucky for both of them Sarai did not find herself in the wrong bed. The sacred couple leave with more wealth than when they arrived, and pass through the Negev, venturing into the southern part of modern day Israel, returning to the place where Abram first made an altar to the Lord.

There Is Power In The Name

Abram calls upon the name of the Lord, and he answers him.

It is entirely possible Abram was fed up with all the unnecessary tension he was faciong due to Lot’s selfishness, but at the end of the day Abram only had himself to blame for bringing Lot in the first place.

There was great conflict between those working for Abram and those working for Lot, and it seems Lot’s bedside manner was not helping things. Abram, and just about anybody standing within five feet of him, had grown prosperous, far beyond the land’s ability to take care of the herd. But that is not entirely true, there actually was enough land, somebody just had to move into it. Most likely there were not enough watering holes in the immediate area to accomdate the animals, and in the desert heat that meant certain death.

Abram intiated the resolution, affirming for Lot the need for both men to live at peace. Abram graciously allowed the younger man to choose his direction, and he did not choose wisely. Lot looked eastward, and saw things with carnal eyes. Going east meant an abundance of fertile soil, but Lot would have to live next to some of the most wicked people in all of scripture, it seems he did not mind it at all.

The young man did not ask Abram’s advice, nor realize it was for good reason Abram refused to venture farther east, turns out the blessed patriarach was allergic to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Blessed Assurance

This is the third time God assures Abram, and in each instance God speaks when Abram is alone and free of excess baggage.

The words given from heaven are once again astounding. Lift your eyes Abram is told, and look north, south, east and west. As far as your eyes can see is land I give to you and your descendants forever.

Abram is told to arise, it is a verb in Hebrew and a word of force. It is the same word used to describe Cain, as in, Cain arose and killed Abel.

Abram obeys the voice of the Lord and moves his tent to the Oak of Mamre which is Hebron.

Some consider Abram to be the richest man in the history of the world. Convinced of his need to live as a sojouner, he lived in a tent, instead of a castle, and was exceedingly generous.

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