The chapter opens with a summary and theological conclusion of the Sabbath, and here it is, God rested and blessed it. God created a world where the cycle of rest is forced upon us for our own good. The body must sleep, the planet rotates into darkness, and even harvested fields need a break. In great wonder and surprise “rest,” especially with sacred intent, is in fact “holy.” Rest is not laziness, it is a blessed good.

Without rest there is no healing, and growth and strength evaporate. If we violate this teaching, the laws of God work against us. Many refuse to slow down when they get a cold or flu, making things much worse. The flu shuts down the body forcing it to rest, then the body heals, strength returns, and off you go.

There is no Mosaic law in the original teaching of the Sabbath, so the “day” of rest is a matter of personal choice. Jesus fulfilled “the law and the prophets,” (Matthew 5:17), and Paul affirms that point by saying, “Let no one pass judgment on you in questions of… Sabbath” (Colossians 2:16).


Take note of the phrase “These are the generations.” You will find that phrase repeated in Genesis, and that phrase is a clue to the authenticity of Genesis. “These are the generations” are believed to be short scrolls that comprised the original text. Each mention of “These are the generations” follows with some fascinating descriptions of things long ago. In this instance, more detail is given toward the atmospheric condition of earth, the making of Adam and Eve, the divine boundaries in the garden of Eden, and a drama is forecasted regarding “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

Our Black Father

When God made Adam, he made a black man or some form of a black man. The Hebrew word for Adam gives reference to a reddish black man, which makes perfect sense since he was made from the dust of the ground, and the entire human race finds it’s ancestral heritage from Adam’s blood and DNA.

Every biology student knows that it is impossible for a white man to produce a dark-skinned baby, but a black man can produce a white skinned child. Biology moves from black to white, not the other way around.

Adam was a black man with a strong red pigment in his skin, and he is the father of the human race.

Eve was taken out of Adam’s flesh and made by the craftsmanship of God. The glorious couple faced each other, and Adam proclaimed deep satisfaction with his wife, he was no longer alone. Eve was now his “help meet,” a ruling partner on earth, and in sacred marriage, one flesh with her man. The virgin couple “were naked,” and lived a life without shame.

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