The sin of Adam and Eve disrupted divine love and trust, and now tragedy bloomed before them.

“The eyes of both were opened,” and oddly enough what they saw was nudity. The human form was no longer the beautiful majestic handiwork of God, but something vulgar in need of covering.

“They sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves loincloths.” In many ways, the garden of Eden was God’s classroom, the place where he taught his people and educated them in the secrets of creation. God was jealous for his glory, and his glory moved his heart to prepare Adam and Eve for greatness, so he can be glorified by the things he has made.

His glory was intended to work through the perfect, now glory will need to rescue the broken.

Adam and Eve were tactile and a bit mechanical, even though their efforts at covering themselves were sad and laughable, they tried something, anything they could find, to keep themselves from God.

A fig leaf cannot cover up an offense against God, nor can a loincloth, or anything else man made. Adam and Eve knew this, and when God approached, they hid behind trees.

God now approaches, and they hear the sound of a person walking, it was another beautiful day in the garden of Eden, “it was the cool of the day.” The fallen couple now hide “from the presence of the Lord”, something unheard of—they don’t understand their actions, they are lost, and bordering on insanity. They are impulsive, not themselves, have no peace, so they run.

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