Eve, the woman from Adam’s flesh, the lady who tempted him to sin, is given a blessed name. He calls her Chavvah, a unique Hebrew name dating back to the beginning of written words, the name is sweet and tender, it meansĀ “life giver.” He chose to view her that way, and she is the mother of the human race.

The only cleansing agent for sin is death. Sin against God means someone must die. Satan was wrong, if Adam and Eve sin against God they must die, unless someone takes their place. For Satan salvation is not possible, he saw God’s glory and rejected it. But humans lived in a garden and were deceived, for them God makes all things possible.

An animal was killed, most likely by the Lord God himself, and for the first time in Eden, blood was spilled as a boundary for sin.

God had a decision to make, eliminate humans or save them. The problem was in the form of payment required, animal blood is not human blood, it is only a temporary cleanser. The blood payment must be kind for kind, otherwise the debt is not paid. We are given a window into the Trinity, we can hear them speak, “Man has become like us knowing good and evil.”

Another tree is found, equally as important as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree is called the tree of life, and if Adam and Eve consume it’s fruit, they will live forever in a damned state and can never be saved. They will be like Satan, unredeemable, unless God has a plan, another plan, whereby he can save the human race.

God drove man out of the garden, the word drove (garash in hebrew) is related to the idea of divorce, and man did not leave the beautiful garden willingly. A Cherubim angel wielding a flaming sword stood guard over the tree of life, it was east of the garden, a peak into the future when Jesus would return through the Temple’s East Gate.

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