Noah had no idea what was coming, some things are too much to process, and a global flood was one of them.

The global flood story is found to some degree in many cultures and traditions, as it should be, and further validates biblical truth. The details vary but the main point is the same—one day the heavens poured out rain and the globe flooded. Of note in the study of ancient people’s, no civilization after the flood built a settlement less than 150ft above sea level.

Noah’s flood can be taken as scientific fact, and geologists are willing to accept it, although they prefer to leave Noah’s name out of it.

One example comes from the Black Sea.

At one time the Black Sea was a fresh water lake, but after the flood it became a salt water sea. Geologists claim that a flood of global proportion pushed the southern flowing waters north, against the tide. The southern Mediterranean rose to catastrophic levels and flooded the northern Aegean Sea, in a violent way, causing the Aegean to flow north and breach an elevated northern plane, sending cascading water into the Black Sea.

The math geologist’s use is stunning, when the southern Aegean breached north against what was then the Black Lake, the southern waters poured into the lake at 200 times the volume of Niagara Falls, carving a 300 foot deep channel. The water violence left a deep scar, now called the Bosporus, and to this day causes the southern Aegean Sea to pour salt water north into the former Black Lake (Black Sea), and for the reasons described, contains lots of salt water.

Noah received some last minute clarifications from God, expanding the animal population, moving from “pairs of two” to “pairs of sevens.”

The Lord spoke to Noah with a sense of urgency, “In seven days the flood arrives and will last for forty days and nights.”

Two month’s after Noah turned 600 (not a typo), the flood came. The animal kingdom was in place, Noah’s family was inside, and in one of the most comforting signs, “The Lord God shut him in.”

God himself sealed the Ark, and now the boat began to creak and move as the waters rose up.

Five months later, the waters began recede.

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