The Apostle Paul taught that the name of Jesus is above every name, and every knee will bow, and tongue confess Jesus is Lord—Philippians 2:9-11.

According to recent surveys done by Summit Ministries and The Barna Group, most American Christians do not want Jesus as Lord, especially if Jesus as Lord means he will rearrange the most private and important parts of their lives. A quick glance at American culture proves the point, we are full of internal contradictions, and therefore weak spiritually.

Acts 3 illustrates the importance of getting over our internal contradictions so we can live with power.

Jesus Changes You

v. 1

Jesus changed Peter, from a hard charging, bossy, stubborn man into a real follower of Jesus.

Jesus changed John from a youthful sensitive man, into a real follower of Jesus.

Most to the point, those two, Peter and John, were not natural friends, but in Jesus became dynamic ministry partners. 


Ancient Rome and the Jews kept time differently than we do, the 9th hour reference is 3pm, and a daily prayer and worship service took place at the Temple. My timeline has this story during the Pentecost Festival, about a week after the Holy Spirit descended on Jerusalem.

Jesus Finds You


Inside a gate leading to the Court of Women was an ornate tunnel walled with gold and silver. It was a beauty to behold, not to mention that it led unto the Temple Mount proper and right into the Court of Women, most likely a complementary nod toward those wonderful ladies.

The man was lame, Acts 4;22 tells us he was forty years old, and was not allowed into God’s House because of his illness.

Rabbinic Parallel

Jesus started his ministry by healing a paralytic and the disciples did the same. When you followed a Rabbi, and Jesus was a Rabbi, the follower was to do exactly what the Rabbi did, in a cultish sort of way that we might find creepy. But following Him meant following God and not man, and came with the great privilege in his name.

Jesus Heals You


This is an amazing text because it shows how quickly Peter became a powerful gospel preacher and talented theologian, often under rated in my opinion by many commentators. Peter boldly reminds them that they, the leading Jews, put Jesus on the cross, But in the same breath mentions that their actions were done in ignorance, and references Moses and then Abraham—perfectly tying the Old Covenant into the New Covenant.

Most gospel preachers cannot even come close to the precision Peter showed. 

Regarding the man healed, Peter simply mentioned the name of Jesus, and the man was healed.

Regarding the man healed, the man did not ask for healing.

Regarding the man healed, the man had no faith for healing.

Regarding the man healed, Jesus did it because it brought him glory, lifted up His name, and helped with evangelism.

Jesus Loves You


God loves you, and God has a plan.

Man sins, and quenches God’s plan.

Jesus saves, and redeems God’s plan.

Man repents, and walk again in God’s love and plan.