God makes all things wonderful in their time

God is the God of answered prayer

David is now king, and most likely on the run. Abaslom has rebelled against his father, and taken Jerusalem.

So much feels lost to David, or impossible. David must consider the loss of death and enormous pain civil war brings. There is no winner in a civil war, only losers. Not only must David attempt to minimize the body count, he must also work to ensure his rebellious son is not killed.

From David’s viewpoint, a wonderful life seems far away, so he prays hard after God, and finds him.

Cry Joyful 


Here my cry O Lord is as sweet an introduction to prayer as can be found. It’s lovely, smooth, and smells of warm praise.

The Hebrew word for cry is rinnah (rin-na), and it means to rejoice and sing. While looking at challenging circumstances, mainly due to his own moral failure, David chooses to rejoice in God his Savior, and finds supernatural power.

Look Higher

v. 2

The phrase,  from the ends of the earth, is one of the reasons why I believe David is on the run.

David’s spiritual elasticity is refreshing, he accepts God’s sovereignty, yet prays for God to work specifically.

David asks to be led to a high rock, and placed where danger cannot find him, and confesses that such a thing is higher than him.

There is a Refuge and Tower

v. 3

The imagery of a strong tower and refuge were understood in the ancient world. The strong tower was a taller building, generally attached to a wall. a place where soldiers engaged in defensive battle. The high vantage point gave soldiers numerous advantages, and discouraged others from attacking.

David knows how to fight, but asks God to be his safe place, which is what the word refuge means.

Tent Power Works


Asking to reside in a tent would at first seem unwise. The strong tower request of the previous verse seems like the right way to go, unless God is in your tent.

In David’s backyard was the Tabernacle, where the famed Ark of the Covenant ever power Holy of Holies was found. David understands it is Gods’ presence and sovereignty that makes one safe, and nothing else.

Shelter of wings is not a Cherubim angel, but David’s favorite phrase for God’s sovereign covering.

Keep the Heritage


During a time when most would feel rejected, David rests in a word of divine promise, legacy. Consider why David has a problem at the moment, his legacy (Absalom) is trying to kill him.

Yet David trusts God, and believes his legacy is safe.

Vows is a form of praying and talking to God, it’s not about cutting a deal with God but about willingness to pray whatever price to follow hard after God.

Prolong My Life

v. 6

David asks God for a good and long life.


v. 7

Enthrone means to settle, not as in compromise, but as in settling in one spot to build a house or career.

Sing Again


What is striking about David’s last words, is that his circumstances have not changed.

He is still on the run and working through spirtual pain, yet he will praise God by singing to him love songs.

God found David’s faith sweet, and delivered him.