Here are the Pulpit  Notes for Acts 2:14-28.

I love our theme for the book of Acts, Jesus Power In Jesus People, and this section illustrates the dramatic change in the life of Peter.

Peter had a good heart, but was often inconsistent in his comprehension of God’s plans. Jesus asked, “who do people say I am?” Peter bravely said, “You are the Christ.” And Jesus honored that confession by saying, “upon this rock I will build my church,” (Matthew 16:18), which takes place here in Acts 2. In another moment the crowds fled from Jesus, his teaching was too tough on them, the Savior turned to his disciples and asked if they also wanted to leave. Peter did not hesitate to say, “where can we go, only you have the words of eternal life,” (John 6:68).

The Accusation


The Holy Spirit comes down on Pentecost Sunday and does a great work. The experience moves out from a single home, into the streets, and on down to the Temple Mount. There was quite a commotion in town, as is understandable. Peter bravely speaks regarding the accusation, “these people are not drunk, it’s only 9am,” he says.

I love these people are not drunk, it’s only 9am!

King David threw a rock at a giant, and the world was changed.

Jesus threw a Peter at giant unbelief, and the world was changed.

The Holy Spirit wants to throw you at a big world, so the world will change.

Peter’s Preaching


Peter will launch his sermon by first clarifying truth, “these folks are not drunk.”

Then Peter quotes Joel 2:28 to preach from, I believe Jesus taught that passage to Peter after the resurrection. The “Emmaus Road” passage in Luke 24:13 illustrates how passionate Jesus is for bible study.

Learn your bible and you will learn great things about Jesus.

Breaking Down Peter’s Preaching 


  • The Holy Spirit was waiting for Pentecost to come on upon everyone
  • In the O.T. only Kings, Prophets, and Warriors had the Holy Spirit
  • You are now with the Holy Spirit able to operate with authority
  • Prophecy, as mentioned here, is receiving direction from God to help others

Prophecy is receiving direction from God to help others


V. 19-21

Fifty days earlier the people had seen some amazing signs, Jesus put on the cross, resurrected from the dead, graves open, and other kinds of things, for them it was easy to imagination the cosmos dramatically communicating the coming of the Lord.



Jesus was from Nazareth, not Jerusalem, was a hard and bitter pill Jewish leaders had to swallow.

Own Up To It


Peter preached about how they put Jesus on the cross because they are guilty due to sin. They had to own up to their sin.

Peter Used Another Bible Passage 


In the middle of his message Peter used Psalm 16. I love that Psalm.

Here is what the end of Psalm 16 has to say about the power of Jesus:

  1. Too see the Lord is to not be shaken
  2. The Holy Spirit will make you glad
  3. The Holy Spirit will help your tongue to rejoice
  4. The Holy Spirit will bring hope to your flesh
  5. He will never abandon you
  6. You will know the path of life
  7. God’s presence will make you full of gladness