The text speaks to our readiness to live a supernatural life.

Preparation for supernatural living is simple: take the next step, embrace honesty, pay the price and enjoy supernatural power.


Ananias violated everything mentioned above. The land was his to keep in whole or part. His error was the “lie.” God was not pleased with Ananias lying about the amount given.

Of interesting note, he is given a quick burial in accordance with the Leviticus 10:1-5. If you sinned in this manner, Leviticus 10 taught the Jews to not allow the sinner to have an honorable burial, bury him quick and without much drama, for he was not worthy of praise or lament.

Jesus said, “When you pray, fast or give, do not be like the hypocrites.”

I paraphrased the text a bit in the moment, but you get it, in the areas of praying, fasting and giving do not allow for any kind of hypocrisy. 

How To Mess With The Holy Spirit-Be A Glory Thief

  1. I want to glorify Jesus but want some as well
  2. I want affirmation so I will hide my sins
  3. I become bitter when God uses others
  4. I am more worried about my public face than my private face before God.
  5. I fear moral failure for all the wrong reasons.
  6. I want to be somebody, and in reality that desire is greater than my desire for Jesus and Him alone.


Solomon’s Portico was a large balcony over looking the Temple courtyard. It’s best to think of like a large assembly hall. Without air conditioning the best thing to do was construct larger balcony’s and cover them while leaving enough room for cross breezes to come through. as faithful Jews, the Apostles often utilized this space.


The Apostles find themselves under attack, that phrase will sound familiar to you before we are done with Acts. They were asked to be silent, but the Spirit would not allow for such a thing. The Spirit does not like our silence we it comes to Jesus, and in supernatural power, they ministered.

A debate broke out concerning what to do with those “Jesus people.” Gamaliel, a great Jewish sage, call for restraint, a message that will fall on deaf ears by none other than the Apostle Paul. Hsi logic is that the things of God last and the things of man do not.