Acts 9 ends with two stories of dramatic healing.

I spent time working on a project called “Every Time Jesus Healed.” Most of my study time is for others, but this one was just for me, I continue on with a restless curiosity about Jesus’ healing ministry. I have included some highlights below.


Luke transitions away from Paul’s conversion and testimony to the supernatural ministry of Peter. Often seen as out of touch with the Savior’s desires, Peter, now full of the Holy Spirit, is a faithful disciple and uniquely anointed apostle. The phrase “Now as Peter went here and there among them all” is a Jesus like description of a disciple. One of Jesus’ last words is the word “Go” and Peter is not slack in the matter.

Lydda was historically know as “Lod” and sits northwest of Jerusalem, southeast of beachfront Joppa. The city belongs to Samaria and exists because an ancient merchant highway cut through the middle of the area.

Peter found a man named Aeneas suffering as a paralytic for eight years. Peter spoke to him and said “Jesus Christ heals you, rise and make your bed.” The next phrase is powerful, for Luke reports Aeneas “Immediately rose.” As is frequent in Acts, supernatural power led to local revival, with Lydda and the surrounding area of Sharon turning to Jesus.

Peter became a great student of Jesus, the trail of tears was not wasted in countless failures.

What Peter Saw When Jesus Healed

In Mark 5;39 Jesus dismissed the crowd and brought Peter, James and John to learn how supernatural ministry works. Jesus looked at the dead girl and commanded divine healing, “arise” is what he said. The text gives few details, but the students took note, Jesus was a Rabbi, and disciples of Rabbi’s were to do exactly as they were taught. Peter followed his training and it worked.

The How and Why’s of Jesus Healing Ministry

  • Jesus healed for salvation
  • Jesus healed for transformation
  • Jesus healed for glorification

You Are Qualified To Be An Apostle If

  1. Witnessed Jesus on earth
  2. Witnessed Jesus’ earthly ministry
  3. Witnessed Jesus on the cross
  4. Witnessed Jesus resurrected from the dead
  5. Witnessed Jesus’ 40 days ministry
  6. Witnessed Pentecost
  7. Learned the gospel directly from Jesus


As expected, word got out about Peter’s supernatural ministry, and two men from Joppa came to take Peter with them so their friend could be healed. Peter didn’t seem to mind, and went along for the ride.

The woman’s name was Tabitha in Aramaic, a language cousin to Hebrew, and Dorcas is Greek, both mean Gazelle. She is described as being a disciple of Jesus, active in ministry in her church, and  was an aggressive tither and funder of the ministry. Tablitha died, and the church was broken hearted.

Verse 37 is interesting, the church did not embalm her but cleaned the body and left it in the upper room.


Such behavior is out of the norm and odd.

The text seems to imply that the church expected her to raised from the dead, so they did not embalm her. Expectancy is a critical component in believing faith, to believe is to expect the result to come to pass. The church was full of faith, and they were not disappointed.

Peter arrived and it was drama central, so he did what Jesus taught him, he dismissed the crowd so he could focus on the task at hand. The text says “he knelt down and prayed.” It seems strongest to say he prayed either out loud or quietly to center himself in some manner, and then did as taught, he commanded the healing to take place by saying, “Tabitha arise.” The woman immediately sat up and when Peter stuck out his hand, she got up and enjoyed her friends.

As happened before, the supernatural work led to a greater work of salvation for those in the area.

4 Healing Words From Jesus Healing Ministry

  1. I Will
  2. Be It Done
  3. Go
  4. Arise

Each of the words above is seen in Jesus healing ministry, there are many more, but those can are found in Matthew 8:3,13,32 and Mark 8:32.