Adam blamed God for his problems. But he was far from done, he also threw Eve, the only woman he has ever known, the only human he has ever known, right under the bus.

Here is exactly what Adam said,“The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”

God now looks a bit like a parent asking one clarifying question after another. God asked Eve to confirm or deny the facts, here is what she said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

Eve’s response is the adult response, she states the matter plainly, and might have glanced at her husband when she spoke it, a marital war is brewing.

God moves quickly, separating sin from his handiwork. The creature Satan possessed is permanently thrust to the ground. Then the evil one is given a glimpse into his future, a prophecy to think about—one day a child will be born from heaven, his veins will pulse divine blood, he is the son of the Trinity, the Son of God. Satan will harm the divine Son, but the Son of God will not fail as Adam failed, he will overcome every temptation and never sin, he will bring heaven to earth, rise from the dead, and crush Satan, forcing him to live in perpetual defeat until that great and final day.

Regarding the daughters of Eve, pain now comes to women, child birth is made difficult, and marriage traumatic. With distrust the new norm, Eve will want to love Adam, but no longer welcome Adam’s headship. Adam’s leadership no longer feels safe, and his decision making considered questionable, but she wants him.

Regarding the sons of Adam, pain now comes to men, he questions himself constantly, wondering if he has what it takes. Work is now hard, life no longer easy, profit and production are difficult, and success uncertain. Adam wants to love Eve but she scares him, so he works harder at work hoping that his labor is a bridge to her soul, he does not know what to do with Eve, but he wants her.

Everything on earth is cursed, nothing feels right, nothing works as designed, bad things happen, all things die, but God has a plan.

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