God’s creation was corrupt and required serious correction.

Noah was chosen for the unique task of saving the human race, and much of the animal kingdom.

Noah did not waver from the godliness handed down to him from his father Lamech, and great grandfather Adam. He was unique, “favored in the eyes of God.” The Hebrew word for favor is strongly related to the idea of supernatural grace. “Noah walked with God,” and “was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.” Those words describe a man of highest integrity. His obedience was on par with the greatest in the Bible, when God told Noah about a flood, he had no idea what that meant, yet he obeyed.

Noah needed a strong backbone to persevere and live in a counter cultural way, earth was violent on a staggering scale, and he was opposed from every side.

Planet earth and humans were on a collision course with God’s holiness, which meant a drastic change was coming.

Noah was commanded to build a boat of enormous size, something never done before, and his efforts were against the norm. The Ark project took years, was built without power tools, and he most likely milled his own wood—a supernatural feat. If you turn a modern day professional football field into a boat (stands and all), you have the approximate size of Noah’s Ark.

When Noah went to measure the size of the Ark, he took a small stick and placed it at his elbow and measured to his fingertips, and called that measurement a cubit. We know that measurement to be between 17 and 21 inches long, with 20 inches being a fair standard measure of a cubit. Carpenter’s to this day use a similar technique when working at a cutting station, they make a master cut, then lay that master cut  on top of another plank that needs cutting to those exact measurements.

The cubit stick is Noah’s master cut, his uniform standard of measurement allowed him to work as a master craftsman, and build exactly what God said. His boat was the largest wooden ship ever made.

When he finished, the juvenile animal kingdom made it’s way to the Ark and they entered in, male and female.

A storm was coming, the worst ever, and their faith would be tested.

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